Why I’m Still Suspicious of the IGTBAM Project.

I occasionally scan over Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant’s Twitter feeds. They both say a lot of good things about marriage that a patriarch like myself can agree with. Did I have these guys wrong or something? Are they really the defenders of biblical masculinity they claim to be? Was I wrong to be suspicious of them early on?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: After all the work Dalrock did exposing the war Doug Wilson wages against biblical masculinity (see here for all of Dalrock’s posts related to him), no patriarch worth a dime would call him a bright light. Maybe a quick refresher is in order to explain why:

Wilson teaches his readers that a Christian man’s wife is a despot who can order her husband around like a kid (see here). He routinely denounces the husband’s authority over his wife, even to the point of telling husbands that it’s wrong to tell her what to do just because he wants something done (see here). He blames men for everything, including when women abort their children, or when men turn gay (see here for Cane Caldo’s brutal rebuttal).

As the record shows, Doug Wilson has labored hard and long to prove just how BAD it is to be a man. Bnonn and Foster should be steering people away from him, but they’re not. To the contrary, they’ve done the exact opposite. For example (in no particular order):

  1. Michael Foster has appeared twice on Canon Press’s YouTube channel on July 30th, 2019 and February 20th of this year (see here & here).
  2. Wilson’s church had a series of sermons titled It’s Good to Be a Man, which Bnonn/Foster retweeted from their official IGTBAM Twitter account (see here).*
  3. Foster says Wilson’s books were very influential in the formation of his practical theology of sex (see here), and on October 7th of 2019, he complimented Canon Press for selling Reforming Marriage at half off (see here).
  4. A fan of Wilson named “Rope” wrote to him about Bnonn & Foster trying to get a book deal from Canon Press. Wilson published this letter and thanked him for letting him know (see here).**
  5. Foster wrote the introduction for Canon Press’s republication of J. C. Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men (see here).
  6. Bnonn recommends Wilson’s book Empires of Dirt on Twitter (see here).

As you can see, they’re more than happy to treat Wilson like an ally. You should also be able to realize why they didn’t go on the offensive against Wilson when they started their project. Were they to warn their audience to stay away from Wilson, they couldn’t exactly turn around and ask Wilson to promote their work to his audience. Still, they had to distinguish their brand of Godly masculinity from someone, so they decided to denounce Rollo Tomassi and Dalrock instead. Warhorn Media followed suit later on, and this prompted Rollo to bestow upon Foster the title of “Warhorn grifter”.

Granted, Foster had already left Warhorn before Warhorn went after Dalrock & Rollo. Nevertheless, that does not save him from the charge of being a grifter. He acts like any phony charlatan would- he claims to be a good guy, sided against the good guys who were there long before he was, and continues to forge a friendly alliance with the enemy. That’s what grifters do. That’s what people do when they don’t really believe in the cause they claim to champion.

One might propose that these two men don’t really know how bad Wilson is. That’s untrue. Not only do they not plead ignorance, but they have publicly stated that they know what Wilson teaches. Take this Tweet from Foster as an example:

This is a public affirmation by Foster that he has known about what Wilson teaches for a long time. When it comes to Bnonn, it’s a lot more damning:

  1. Doug Wilson argued in 2016 that women don’t realize what they’re doing when they get abortions. Bnonn called Wilson out for this foolishness once on his blog (here), and later on the IGTBAM website (here).
  2. Back in July of 2018, Doug Wilson argued that a wife is permitted to leave her husband without her decision being scrutinized by the elders of her church. Again, Bnonn called him out twice on this bogus teaching, both times on his own blog (here and here). EDIT 9/29/2020 – Foster confirmed he read Dalrock’s article on this same subject here.
  3. Bnonn has claimed to regularly read Dalrock, and often read the comments as well (see here). That was in August 14th of 2018, and Dalrock’s first article tagged with “Pastor Doug Wilson” only dates back to February 19th of 2016. Dalrock published 38 articles related to Wilson during that 1.5 year-long period. It would impossible for Bnonn to have missed them, therefore, he’s very well acquainted with Wilson’s anti-male attitude, his emasculation of husbands both in his books as well as his blog, and his malicious poisoning of the well against those who disagree with him (see here).

This is why I remain suspicious of the IGTBAM project. Sure, they still say plenty of good things, but so has everyone who wants to take advantage of unwitting Christians who are desperate for Godly masculinity. Continue to be wise as serpents, my dear readers.

*I don’t currently have any information that this series was arranged or coordinated by Bnonn or Foster.
**Foster did manage to get a contract to publish the It’s Good to Be a Man book, but that wasn’t until May 14th of this year. No idea if Canon Press is involved. EDIT: Canon Press is, in fact, the publisher. Confirmed here.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Suspicious of the IGTBAM Project.

  1. Sharkly

    You are right to be quite suspicious of them. Here is a post I wrote about them about a year ago:
    Bnonn and Foster are as emasculated as their hermaphrodite god, whom they claim is imaged by both male and female.
    Bnonn on his personal blog made a post about my beliefs, but then deleted comments by myself and “Paul”. Apparently he wanted to insult my position that only men are the image of our Father & Son God.(1 Corinthians 11:7) without actually having to defend his Feminist emasculation of our God. The guy is just an intellectual coward who likes to use unnecessarily big words, to baffle people with his bullshit, but can’t allow a fair and open debate, because his Feminized beliefs won’t stand up to other intelligent men’s scrutiny.
    I just got an update from IGTBAM and they claim Bnonn has been embroiled in much conflict within his local church. The moral of the story is, that compromising with the cunt-worshippers buys you nothing! They will battle you until you return fully to their idolatrous goddess worshipping fold. You might as well go full Biblical patriarchy, Bnonn’s compromising only emboldens his adversaries to further pressure him. While my adversaries must now be realizing that every time they challenge me to defend my beliefs, God gives me yet another point to further confound them. Because I’m having trouble finding folks to argue this stuff with, since guys like Bnonn & Foster don’t even have the testicular fortitude for it.
    For what it is worth, I repeatedly asked Bnonn to give me a straight answer to the following question, and he repeatedly evaded it:
    In Ephesians 5, we are told that the husband images Jesus Christ, and the wife images the wayward church, which one is imaging God?
    Poor Bnonn was too befuddled to ever give me an answer. That intellectual coward can’t admit the obvious, because it makes it obvious that he is wrongly effeminizing God our Father, to falsely deify women into the image and glory of God. LOL Maybe I should lend out one of my testicles to some of these other wannabe red-pilled Christian leaders like Bnonn and Foster, so they could have the fortitude to just admit that God is male, and not female.

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  2. Sharkly

    Here is a quote from today’s IGTBAM update:
    “Btw, every major to medium decision we make, we run past our wives.
    Is this because we need their approval to make a decision?
    Not at all.
    It’s because we desire their wisdom and feminine insight.
    They are our helpmates on our mission, and we find them to be very helpful.
    Thank God for godly wives!”

    What does the cuck say? Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!
    I’m not buying it. They and their wives are sharing the pants because she isn’t content to submit in every thing, as unto her Lord. Bnonn and Michael realize this and they are on the defensive about why they can’t just rule over her in the image of God.
    Did I mention Bnonn and Michael think she is the image and likeness of their goddess! LOL

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    1. princeasbel Post author

      I feel like I saw that before you posted it, but now I can’t even find it with Google. Would you post the link please?


      1. Sharkly

        I wouldn’t mind forwarding it directly, but I don’t see your address. That is actually what I wanted to do in the first place. Just reply back to my e-mail privately if you don’t want to publish your e-mail address.


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