Running all the big decisions by the missus first.

Last month Foster posted the following Tweet:

Bnonn liked this Tweet so much that he thought it worthy to incorporate into the notes for one of their email updates. Sharkly forwarded it to me, and as you can see, they changed the wording to reflect that they both govern their marriages in the same way.

Btw, every major to medium decision we make, we run past our wives. Is this because we need their approval to make a decision? Not at all. It’s because we desire their wisdom and feminine insight. They are our helpmates on our mission, and we find them to be very helpful. Thank God for godly wives!

It’s one thing to run some household-related decisions past your wife. It’s not necessarily for her approval, but she takes care of the house and kids, so she might have some insight or helpful suggestions to give. You might move ahead with that decision in spite of her protests, which is all well and good. However, with Foster and Bnonn, they go way beyond that. It’s not just some of the big decisions limited to the home, but every major one they make! And not just the big ones, but the medium ones too! All of them!

Both of these men know how bad this might sound to the skeptics in their audience. There’s a reason they assured their readers that they’re not doing this for their wives’ approval. Even if it were true, they only made themselves look bad in another way. These men aspire to be mentors of biblical masculinity to other Christian men. How on earth do they expect to accomplish that while also proudly proclaiming that they need their wives help to make every decision that doesn’t count as little?

7 thoughts on “Running all the big decisions by the missus first.

    1. princeasbel Post author

      They’re posing as advocates of masculinity while undermining it along the way. It’s the same pattern that Wilson and Driscoll and others use, and they use it because it works. Men are easily fooled in this manner, and these guys know it.

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    2. Lexet Blog

      There’s a post I wrote on Sigma Frame’s site about frauds in the RP community.

      This ministry in particular got its start in befriending red pill people, and once their FB page hit about 2,000 people, and they started getting attention on YouTube and Twitter, they then did the classic pivot where they started attacking red pill people and concepts in order to go mainstream.

      They aren’t “mocking” masculinity, they just don’t know what it is and are wolves in sheep’s clothing


  1. Anonymous Reader

    The captain of a ship is free to inform his first officer of decisions and even confer about them, but is under no obligation to “run them by” that person first. This isn’t what has been described. What is described is asking Mommy for permission, in a convoluted way.

    Just more figureheadship.

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  2. Sharkly

    I think Bnonn and Foster are trying to stay pleasing to all the mainstream churchian woman-worshippers. They offer to bring a tiny hint of masculinity to the typical effeminate churchian congregation, but only on little matters of course, and only if it is OK with the ladies. Bnonn was recently excommunicated for thinking for himself, without running everything by the church ladies. I’m sure they want to assure their target audience that it won’t happen again. They want the churchians to know that they’re not leaving the Feminist plantation, even if they occasionally sneak a small decision by without matriarchal oversight. They’re the bold neomasculine churchian pioneer guys who occasionally make an inconsequential decision all by themselves.
    I don’t think you can get blood out of a turnip. Nor will those two Poindexters be able to teach masculinity.


  3. Sharkly

    From IGTBAM notes from 2020 week #48
    “Men with no ambition, self-respect, or basic agency are not the kind of men women want to have sex with. So…”
    I think that statement shows their underlying thinking. They’re basically still hearkening unto women so that they can gear their lives towards pleasing women, and they hope to gain some sweet poontang from this worship. Then they say:
    “We’re still working on getting out act together with merch and a proper online store, but we’ll have more It’s Good To Be A Man tee-shirts and cups coming out soon.
    I think that is also indicative of their purpose. IGTBAM had their Patreon account information at the conclusion of the very first article they published, if I recall correctly.



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