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Come on- Homosexuals Can’t Be THAT Evil!

Apparently there’s a “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus”, and they released a music video titled “We’ll Convert Your Children”. It has since been taken down from the web, but the reactions are still fresh and on-going. Unfortunately, they are not all united in calling this predatory battle cry the evil filth that it is. It must have been a joke. A joke in poor taste, to be sure, but merely a joke! Let’s not over-react and look like a bunch of homophobes, okay?

Vox Day wrote an excellent article revealing yet again why conservatives are utterly useless in the culture wars. In The conservative defense of pedophilia, Vox shows that a particular writer, Rod Dreher, is taking this statement of theirs as a result of idiocy on the part of those gay men. I absolutely agree with Vox’s assessment. This is a naive, desperate ploy to try and assure people that homosexuals really aren’t as bad as they say they are.

Do you see the way in which the good conservative can’t bring himself to condemn proud and overt evil even when it openly declares that it is coming for his children?

They are smart-asses. They are fools. They are idiots. Dreher is willing to call them anything except that which they are: the wicked.

Indeed. But Dreher is not the only one. Think of how many so-called Christian conservative commentators (ex. Steven Crowder) embrace the likes of Blaire White, Rob Smith, Dave Rubin, etc. These are all wicked people, but they are actively put forth as examples of “good” homosexuals. I’m sure Blaire White may start making the rounds on various conservative YouTube shows expressing outrage over this song. And that is part of the lie being told.

The attitude being delivered to right-wingers is essentially this: “See? Even the gays/trans people think this is evil! Isn’t it great that even these left-wing people are calling out these especially evil people? Isn’t it cool that we can band together over this?”

We’re being made to assume the best about people who flaunt their sexual debauchery. Whenever we see a correlation between homosexuals and pedophilia, we’re reluctant to conclude that there’s a connection. After all, aren’t there plenty of gay people on our side? We shouldn’t just assume that being gay is an indicator that you’re predisposed to molesting kids. We wouldn’t want to appear homophobic!

But this petty fear over being seen as homophobic is just one more challenge to Christian masculinity among many. Don’t you dare suspect gay people of being dangerous, you backwoods hillbilly! Stop over-reacting just because you never went to college and you think gay people are gross! They’re just people who want to live their lives and do their own thing.

That’s not true, of course, but wicked men work hard to beat Christian men down in this way. And their labors have proven successful. Pastors like Matt Chandler were already at work discouraging Christians from reacting negatively towards homosexual persons. In Loud and proud complementarians: Pastor Matt Chandler., Dalrock included a “feel-bad-Christians” segment from one of his sermons:

I think you are going to see what we’ve already seen probably three or four times in Christian history. There are going to be those that try to reach the world by becoming like the world. And then there are going to be those that try to by the grace of God hold fast to orthodox Christian faith in a way that’s compassionate and kind, and they are going to have to weather the backlash of all of the wrong that has been done in the name of Jesus in the last 50 years.

This isn’t the only brilliant expose Dalrock wrote on so-called Christians who are working to dissuade Christians from seeing gay people as the enemy. The guard in the tower shouts “Lower the drawbridge and unbolt the door!” is another gem wherein Dalrock revealed that Sam Allberry and Rosaria Butterfield were literally, not figuratively, telling Christians they ought to give LGBTQ people keys to our houses:

If you want to share the gospel with the LGBTQ community or anyone who will lose family and homes, the gospel must come with a house key.

In another article, Dalrock showed where Matt Chandler said we “should” have a gay person somewhere in our life, whether it’s family, friend, or co-workers:

What advice would you give to Christians who have gay family, friends or coworkers?

“That broad question probably includes all of us. All of us are going to have gay friends, family or co-workers. That’s a giant umbrella. And you should have someone in that umbrella in your life….

Once upon a time, gay activists were coming to Christians in our churches and our legal system with their hat in their hand. The said that gay people just wanted to be permitted to live out their debauchery as long as they didn’t hurt anybody. Fast-forward to now, and we’ve seen how untrue that is. They can’t help themselves. It’s not enough that they obtained the legal ability for gay people to live together and have sex with each other. No, they had to come after the church. They had to start wearing Christians down so that gay people would be allowed into their homes… Right where the kids are.

The SFGMC’s music video was just an open confession of what they’ve been trying to do for forever. It’s evil, and it’s wicked. Christian men need to be ready to call this brainwashing out for what it is. The enemy is not foolish. The enemy is not naïve. The enemy is bold and brash, and they have “Christian” leaders on their side, ready to shoot you down for being homophobic. Don’t back down, Christian men. Call them wicked, because that’s what they are. Be defiant. Protect your children, no matter what.