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Fake it ’til you make it… or not? Part 2

Excellent insight from Deep Strength:

Christianity and masculinity

Interestingly, fake it til you make it was one of the first posts I made on this blog when I started blogging in 2012. I still stand by that post in terms of faith, but I wanted to take things deeper into scenarios where I think people are using it incorrectly.

When men/husbands start trying to exhibit leadership in marriage they feel like they’re trying to “fake it ’til they make it.” I think this is the wrong thing to consider it.

If we think about learning a new sport or martial art, everything is going to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. It’s only through repetition of the movements and learning the various techniques of the sports or disciplines that things start to feel more natural.

For those that have rescinded leadership (e.g. drunk captain) or never had leadership in the first place (e.g. egalitaratians, feminists, “she’s the boss”…

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The Ken Wilson Saga

Not every theological project I work on is related to Patriarchy VS. Complimentarianism. Christian men always have to be on the watch for liars and charlatans who wish to denigrate the Christian faith. Since March of this year, Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries responded to challenges from Dr. Leighton Flowers and Dr. Ken Wilson to read and critique Wilson’s writings on Calvinism. Ken Wilson has argued extensively that Calvinism traces back to Augustine, and that prior to Augustine, no one had ever believed what Calvin taught about how God determines who is saved and how. He has also argued that Augustine got his beliefs from so-called manichean Christians. Such claims are false, of course, but since Leighton Flowers promoted him and is himself an opponent of Calvinism who has enjoyed growing popularity in the past five years, James White decided to take them up on their challenge.

In recent months I nearly made a compilation of some episodes of The Dividing Line wherein Rich Pierce, the president of A&O, critiqued Leighton Flowers’s methods of treating Scripture when it came to debating Romans chapter 9 against James White. I had planned to make MP3’s of them for easy listening during workouts. However, I changed my mind and decided a video compilation of White’s responses to Wilson was more important.

This compilation is not merely a string of DL episodes set back to back in a video editor and rendered. I sat through every single episode of the Diving Line since March, cutting out absolutely every extraneous time segment I could so that when I put them all together, it was only the parts relevant to Ken Wilson that remained. Despite all that work, this compilation is over 25 hours long, and James White hasn’t even finished yet. He is going to wrap up his critique eventually, but as he has not done so, we have two nearly 12-hour long videos full of every single word, remark, glancing reference that I could find. Even if he began an episode to say he would address the topic another day and said nothing else about it, I still clipped that and added it to the compilation. There was one time that he made a crack about some crazy claims, didn’t even mention Wilson’s name, but picked up Wilson’s book on his desk so the viewer could know that he was referring to Wilson’s writings. I put that in there too so that there is no question that it’s all there

In addition to that, I combed through each episode and cut out quite a bit of material, not only the intros and outros. James White does not limit himself to discussions of one topic, and often takes time to pause and speak with Rich Pierce about topics unrelated to Ken Wilson. I went in and cut those out whenever it was obvious that would just bog down the compilation. James White has also taken the time to heavily criticize the panic over COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and plenty of other topics. I cut those out too, and I’m very glad I did. Such would only distract from the aim of this compilation, and that is to make it as simple as possible for anyone who wants to know what James White said and when in regards to Ken Wilson’s writings specifically. I know full-well just how discouraging it would be a year from now to try and learn what James White said on this subject, and to have sit through hours of depressing reports of what ludicrous thing was done or said in relation to BLM or COVID-19. Now, no one needs to do that at all. The work has been done, and all I or anyone else needs to do is hit the play button.

This kind of work is what men do, especially Christian men who seek to help the body of Christ. I hope anyone who watches them comes to the same understanding I’ve gleaned from watching Dr. White’s work over the years: Church history matters, and the truth of what has happened in the past is there- but, only if you dig deep. You take the references and citations of men like Wilson, and you track down those old books. You don’t just assume the author got it right. You learn where the statements come from yourself and get your hands dirty, and the truth will be yours. James White has proven that time and time again over the decades, and this compilation should only serve to prove it once again.

P.S. There have been times that James White critiqued Leighton Flowers’s comments on Calvinism. Not all of them were relevant to his Ken Wilson critique, and hence, they are not included in these videos.

P.P.S. I did eventually make the “Hijacking The Scriptures” compilation where Rich Pierce critiqued the Romans 9 debate. I just waited to do so until I made the other ones first. You can find them all on my channel.