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Debunking the Myth that “Marital Sex Is Not A Solution For Lust”

Bnonn & Foster sent out their latest newsletter yesterday titled, “Notes on manhood 2021 week #25″. In it they revealed that they’re still just as stunted in their views of biblical sexuality as your standard Christian feminist:

Let us leave behind magic numbers, and move onto wise principles for knowing whether a couple is ready for marriage. Here are five: (…) 5. Focus on training your sons and daughters to harness their sexual energy towards productive ends. So much of the young marriage stuff is motivated by parents who think their children can’t overcome lust and stay chaste into their early 20s. But marrying young is not a solution for this. Sex does not cure lust; it merely channels sexual energy licitly. A man who has not learned to control his eyes before marriage, for instance, is not going to do any better after marriage, and is frankly not marriage material.

This kind of attitude towards marital sex can be found everywhere. At Blazing Grace, Mike Genung wrote a scathing piece on this subject, but it can be summed up with this paragraph:

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Struggling With Pornography And Assurance Of Salvation

Despite my very strong disagreement with Jason Engwer in the comments section of this post, the article he wrote is excellent. If you’re a Christian man weary of the struggle with looking at porn, quitting, succumbing to looking at it again, then read this article. It encourages you to keep up the fight, but lays out why you shouldn’t despair when you fail. No excuses are offered, but comfort can be found once you’ve been able to take a step back and assess your walk with the Lord in spite of your struggle.


“The fact that your use of pornography casts doubt on the genuineness of your faith doesn’t change the fact that your pornography use and other sins are accompanied elsewhere in your life by evidence of salvation. Just as it would make no sense to look only at the positive aspects of your life while ignoring the negatives (like pornography use), it likewise would make no sense to look only at the negatives.”