Cozying Up To Canon Press Confirmed.

Yesterday Bnonn & Foster sent out their weekly broadcast email, this one titled “Our notes from 2020 week #49.” In it, they confirm that the book they are working on is going to be published by Doug Wilson’s publishing company, Canon Press.

Our book is due out in Spring ’21 from Canon Press. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement, and we’ll continue to keep you up to date.

Back in September I laid out the evidence for Bnonn & Foster’s desire to collaborate in ministry with Doug Wilson. Foster said on Twitter that he got a contract to publish a book, but he did not say if it was with Canon Press. Now they’ve confirmed for us that it is.

I doubt this is the only work they’re planning on doing with Canon Press. Sadly, it appears as though their influence is only continuing to grow.

Maybe they’ll partner up with the Kendrick brothers to make another husband/father-bashing flick. They’re also fond of pretending to care about masculine dignity for husbands and fathers. Who knows?

2 thoughts on “Cozying Up To Canon Press Confirmed.

  1. Lexet Blog

    It’s really unfortunate that people deceive themselves into thinking “this guy is enemies with people I don’t like, therefore they must be good guys”. What’s appalling is that it’s the church community that’s falling into this trap.

    At the same time, it’s expected. The Calvinist community is falling apart: you have the leftist element and the reactionary force. In too many circumstances the reactionary element is way too late, because they failed to be bereans and failed to adhere to scripture.

    The entire big Calvinist tent was set up to protect Calvinism, and offered protection to anyone that appeared to be Calvinist. What that tent ended up doing was allowing every heresy to be tolerated, so long as there was a Calvinist angle to it. It compromised everyone and everything.

    The masses follow whichever cult of personality tickles their ear.

    What caused my to finally question the system entirely is how every Calvinist church out there follows some weird new heretical movement, whether it be: piper/Wilson’s continued justification; new perspectives on Paul; new covenant theology.


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